Snow damage!

Had a huge snowstorm here last week – 12.5 inches. It was really beautiful while it was coming down – set all kinds of records! But the damage it did to our trees is something else.This magnolia tree is going to have to removed. The weight of the snow toppled most of the branches. Same with our live oak and yaupon hollies in the  front although the damage wasn’t quite as bad on them.  Last year at this time I already had my spring garden in the ground. Seems like this year I am spending my time doing damage control. We have had a wet cold winter and there is more to come.

That hasn’t kept me from buying seed packets, however and deciding which type of tomatoes I am going to buy this year or what relish or jelly I am going to enter in the state fair. Thinking green tomato relish?


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Another new year!

Just got over some really cold weather in Dallas – don’t know what that will do to my plants but that is certainly out of my control! Wanted to post some art work I did in a creativity sampler class I took at the Creative Arts Center last fall.

We did a little bit of painting, some printmaking, collage, intro to jewelry making. and ceramics,

Here are four finished pieces I came up with. None are award winners but I am glad I persevered and finished them!

The first piece is a ceramic tile – we threw the clay, rolled it out and used nippers to trim the pieces. The next two pieces are collage. And the final piece includes some dried mushrooms I had collected years ago. I attached them with glossy matte medium and then covered the entire piece with decoupage. I like the final piece the best – want to do some type of framing – maybe mount it on a board?

Now deciding what I am going to take next!

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Almost Christmas!

Wow – didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged since the end of October. Had one trip to Ohio in there but still don’t know where the time went. Christmas is only 3 days away. Am helping my DH make tiki marsala chicken. Pretty much ready for Christmas – still a few more rows to do on one knitted item. I debated about a tree this year but decided to put one up – outside on our new deck. Here is a picture!

The packages are empty – just pretty decorative boxes I bought a couple of years ago. Real gifts are inside!

Here is another picture of our beautiful Japanese Maple trees – our view from our dining room and living room. In past years leaves were all gone by mid December, but this year they have held on and are giving us lots of beautiful red Christmas color! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Am busy getting crafts finished to sell at the Lakewood Home Tour on November 14th and 15th. I have never done anything like this before so a NEW experience! Here are some of the things I will be selling!

IMG_0004And I finally got around to making some earrings. These are made from felt balls and silk cocoons that I dyed. Had fun making them – will see if anyone is interested in buying  them!

IMG_0006IMG_0005IMG_0008 2Most important thing is that I had fun making them!

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Rain Rain Go Away!

Has been raining for weeks now – very unusual for Texas. Good time to get things done indoors but ready for some sun! I find I am able to motivate myself much more easily when the sun is out .

Anyhow I am going to be selling some of my knitting and other fiber art at the Lakewood Home Festival on November 14th and 15th. This past weekend I atmepted more nunofeltng and am pleased with the outcome. The scarf is a combination of blue merino wool and silk hankies that I dyed. Am pretty pleased – it is soft  – love the colors. Here it is…..

IMG_0007 And a closeup……

IMG_0010A few weeks ago I needlefelted and wet felted this yellow scarf. I dyed the silk scarf a pale green and decided to go with the yellow – more of a spring color but I like the final product.

IMG_0016And one more. I just noticed that ruffles are in this year. My daughter saw a similar scarf at a yarn shop when I was visiting in Seattle – actually a shop in Bellevue. She said she loved it – so I found some similar yarn and knitted it up – pretty easy and really ruffly!

IMG_0012Will post more of my items soon. And BTW I was embarrassed to note that I posted the cute picture of my grandson and me twice! Maybe it is all this rain or just a senior moment!

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more grandkids!

Here is a cute picture of my granddaughter who lives in CA. Love the little sundress – DH thinks she looks like a cherub with that beautiful blonde hair.
And when my grandson and I were visiting the new Discovery Gardens here in Dallas a neighbor saw us and took this picture.
And here is the cutest picture ever! Our own Halloween vampire! She lost three teeth in the last couple of weeks!

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Growing up too fast!

I spent a week in Seattle and just now realized I never blogged about it. Guess Oprah and the cucumbers got me off track!!
Here is a picture of my daughter’s beautiful heirloom tomatoes – the gardening gene has passed on.
And I finally taught Stella how to knit. She was so proud of herself!
Here is a cute picture of S and S and their dog – Mersey – an 18 month old Australian Shepherd.
And finally here is the family waiting for the school bus on the first day of school AND a picture of a very loose front tooth!

See what I mean – definitely growing up too fast.

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